1. The nearest city / beach: Jarosławiec 2.5-3km away. There are restaurants, ATMs and shops.
  2. Check-in between 15:00 and 20:00, and check-out until 11:00. Payments are accepted in cash in PLN and Euro (after setting the exchange rate) and non-cash (cards).
  3. There is a playground and a beach ball court and swimming pools at guests’ disposal. Children in the swimming pool must be under the care of adults.
  4. Every morning at 9:00 PM, a car arrives on the area of „Wakacyjna Osada” and „Ostoja Maltańska” with fresh bread (bakery and confectionery products). Arrival is signaled by the sound of the horn.
  5. Guests of Wakacyjna Osada have the possibility to rent bicycles and electric scooters. Price list is in the resort. You should not borrow bicycles from the „Ostoja Maltańska”.
  6. We offer a Holiday bus from the „Wakacyjna Osada” to Jarosławiec – to Gate 1 to the beach. The cost of traveling one way is 2PLN per person. Operating hours will be available on the area.
    It is possible to order the course individually by bus, after agreeing the conditions with the staff.
  7. As available, it is a possibility to rent towels for a fee
  8. The nearest city with a supermarket: Darłowo
  9. If you have any questions or problems, please report to the Staff near by the caravans and large wooden building.
  10. Garbage should be thrown into a container with the mark of „Wakacyjna Osada”.
  11. Smoking in the houses is strictly forbidden of „Wakacyjna osada”. The penalty for smoking is 300 PLN
  12. In the event of any damage, the Guest is obliged to cover the costs of repairing / replacing damaged items.
  13. Dogs/Cats:
    1. We only accept small dogs and maximum of one dog per home.
    2. Guests must look after the dogs. ALWAYS the dogs must be under control.
    3. Dogs can not enter the beds and sofas.
    4. The guest must have a blanket for the dog.
    5. Guests must clean after dogs, in the houses and on the other areas.
  14. On the area of „Wakacyjna osada”, guests reside of their own will and on their own responsibility.

Other regulation list
Bike rental
Electric scooter rental