About us

Wakacyjna Osada is located in the village of Jezierzany (near the village of Jarosławiec), about 500 metres from Lake Wicko and 2 kilometres from the Baltic Sea beach. It features an inn “Karczma Przysmaki Regionu”, a playground and a covered swimming pool. We are a relatively new resort where we care about the appearance and quality of the space in use by our guests. Our summer houses are fully equipped and air-conditioned, and the staff is always willing to help.

What makes us different

Attractive location

Wakacyjna Osada is located in the village of Jezierzany situated by charming Wicko Lake where you can enjoy fishing and water sports (canoeing and sailing). The nearest Baltic beaches are 2 km away in the village of Jarosławiec – a well-known holiday resort with rich tourist accommodation and an open-air water park with heated pools operating in summer.

Kryty basen

Steady thriving

Our centre is constantly changing. Our most recent investments are:
– covered swimming pool
– room for special events
– high-standard summer houses

We do not hold back and continue to adapt to your needs to make your stay as pleasant as possible.

Wakacyjna Osada - zdjęcia domków

Green building

As a natural raw material, wood can self-regulate humidity, i.e. it creates a unique microclimate inside the building that is difficult to achieve using other technologies. Wood also emits essential oils which have a beneficial effect on the health and well-being of those living there.

Wakacyjna Osada - zdjęcia domków

Modern Design

We did our best to ensure that the decor as well as the utility of the interior of the summer houses of Wakacyjna Osada meets your highest expectations. The standard includes a modern kitchen, fully equipped, comfortable bathroom, air conditioning, underfloor heating, patio and balcony, parking at each cottage, Wi-Fi, and monitoring.


We take special care of families, at Wakacyjna Osada. The resort is proud to be family-friendly. You will find an outdoor playground, a swimming pool and a range of amenities for holidaymakers with young children. At Wakacyjna Osada we care about the safety and comfort of our guests.

Green energy

We use renewable energy sources at our resort. We have solar panels capable of providing energy for our resort Wakacyjna Osada and the inn “Karczma Przysmaki Regionu” located on its premises.

We have an electric car charger and an electric minibus to take our guests to the beach.

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