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Due to the pandemic situation and therefore safety procedures (ozone treatment of rooms) we ask you to end your stay around 9.00 a.m.. Thank you in advance for your understanding. We wish you a safe and pleasant holiday. The Wakacyjna Osada staff.

Comfortable Seaside Cottages different sizes.

We offer 3 types / sizes of cottages, so we can invite both couples and families with children and friends most of them air-conditioned, each with a route and barbecue. There is a smaller and larger pool and a playground for children. Ball or volleyball field.

We take guests to the seaside with an eco-bus. We rent bikes and electric scooters.

In order to live in harmony with nature, since the 2020 season we have implemented ecological power generation and we provide our guests with an electric car charging station.

We welcome small animals (small dogs and cats).

Cottages by the sea for families with children or with friends.

Where to go to have a guarantee of a successful holiday? Jarosławiec is a perfect place! Choose cottages by the sea in Jezierzany next to Jaroslawiec, and in additionaly you will get peace and quiet away from the noise of the city. This is a perfect place for your holiday. Come to us and you will see for yourself! Meet our unique holiday resort in Jezierzany for families with children of all ages or for couples and friends.

Jezierzany is a not the biggest village located near the Jarosławiec city. Here you can relax not only from everyday life, but also from the hustle and bustle of the city. So it is worth replacing the houses in Jarosławiec with houses in Jezierzany. Especially if you are planning a holiday with your family or friends.

“Wakacyjna Osada” is a unique place – a modern complex of wooden cottages given to guests in 2018. It is up to you whether you choose a modular cottage or a log house. They have an area of 15 to 50 square meters and are designed in accordance with modern design, both in terms of interior design and usability. Each modular house is air-conditioned, has WiFi, kitchenette, bathroom with shower, spacious terrace, grill and TV.

Cottages in Jezierzany are located only 2 kilometers from the beautiful beaches of the Baltic Sea and Jarosławiec. Wicko Lake is 1 km away. Our cottages can be treated as accommodation for those who prefer to rest at Wicko Lake.

If you are interested in cottages in Jaroslawiec you have to check our cottages. It is less than 2 kilometers farther but there are much more possibilities that you will not find among the accommodation facilities in this popular holiday resort.

Cottages by the sea with swimming pool

In our complex we especially appreciate family holidays by the sea. It is for families with children that we have prepared most attractions. The first steps of the children will surely direct to the outdoor playground. We have tried to provide them maximum safety.

There are two swimming pools available for guests. The first one is designed for the youngest holidaymakers. It is shallow, so perfectly adapted to the needs of children and above all safe. Older children and adults can use a large swimming pool with a depth of more than 1.5 m. On the area of the complex you can also play volleyball, badminton or football.

Holiday in the “Wakacyjna Osada” also means active recreation by the sea. The surroundings of Jarosławiec can be visited in many ways. First of all: on bicycles, which we rent (we have prepared safe bike seats for the youngest). The International Seaside Bike Trail and the Łącko – Jezierzany – Jarosławiec nature trail run through Jezierzany. It will certainly be beautiful! This is not the all of attractions, because for older children, but also adults, we offer electric scooters.

Each of our guests can put their car in the parking lot (assigned parking spaces) and forget about it during their holidays. We offer a special electric bus which will take our guests to the beautiful beach and back. Riding by it is a lot of fun, especially for the youngest passengers. This is another advantage you will get by choosing our holiday cottages by the sea.

If you are looking for holiday cottages by the sea and the Internet tells you about the cottages in Jarosławiec, remember about us. We guarantee that Jezierzany will also be a great choice for holidays in a cottage with children and friends. Feel the microclimate of wooden cottages, check the facilities we offer and feel the taste of a real holiday by the Polish sea! The Baltic Sea is waiting for you!

In case of announcement of administrative decisions / restrictions related to Covid 19, preventing the arrival on the booked date, we return 100% of the deposit paid within 10 days of the cancellation by the customer.

In the season 2021 within the scheduled courses to Jarosławiec the electric bus is free for the guests of Wakacyjna Osada.